Lucy's Story

Stories of Hope: Lucy’s Story

Lucy called Center for Hope & Safety’s hotline, desperate for advice on how she could handle her abusive husband. Lucy was afraid to call the police, because many times her husband had threatened that he would come and find her, and she would “regret it.” She was not yet ready to come to the Safe House with her five-year-old daughter, Jana. She was afraid of living in a shelter. Lucy was referred to the Center for Hope & Safety Community Outreach Program where she met with a Case Manager and created a safety plan. Because Lucy did not have a cell phone, Center for Hope & Safety staff were able to provide her with a cell phone through the Verizon Hopeline program.

Lucy tried to stay with her abuser, but he controlled her every move. She had limited resources and skills, and worked at a fast food restaurant earning minimum wage. Her husband was also financially controlling and took all her wages. He isolated her by only rarely allowing her to visit her father, who was her entire support system.

One day, she was allowed by her husband to go to the mall with her father and daughter, an unusual treat that she was excited about. That morning her husband hit her, and her face was so bruised that she was ashamed to face her father and be seen in public. She told her father she was sick and cancelled the outing. That was the day Lucy called the Center for Hope & Safety Hotline for the second time and made the decision to go to the Safe House. She was fearful and didn’t know what to expect, but quickly connected with other residents and soon felt at ease. She took her daughter to daycare and went to work every day.

Because Lucy was only earning minimum wage, there were limited housing options for her after her stay at the Safe House. Even if she saved money for two months while in shelter, it would not be enough to secure affordable housing on her income. Her Case Manager at the Safe House encouraged Lucy to either find another job with a higher salary, or take a second job to supplement her monthly income. Eager to become self-sufficient, Lucy found a second job at a grocery store. She now qualified through Center for Hope & Safety for a subsidized housing program for low income households, with financial assistance for one year.

When her Case Manager became aware of a housing opportunity, Lucy applied for it. The Case Manager helped Lucy find an apartment close to her job and Jana’s school. A generous volunteer donated her late mother’s beautiful furniture, and Lucy was able to move into her apartment with living room and bedroom furniture, making it feel more like home. She was finally able to visit freely with her father and invited him over to her new apartment for a celebratory meal.

With much bravery, resiliance and work on Lucy’s part and the help and support of Center for Hope & Safety’s Community Programs and kind donors, Lucy and Jana were finally ready to start a new life in their own home, free from abuse.

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