About Us

Who We Are

Center for Hope & Safety (formerly Shelter Our Sisters) is dedicated to assisting victims and survivors of domestic violence, and their children, by turning fear into safety, helplessness into strength, and isolation into hope.

We are a not-for-profit agency founded in 1976. We strongly believe that every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free from violence and the fear of violence. Our mission is to help you heal and grow through a wide range of services that give you the tools you need to leave the violence, and empower you and your children for new beginnings.

You can call us anytime if you or someone you know needs help. Our hotline is always available, ready for your call, 24-hours a day. Call us at 201-944-9600.


Vision Statement

Center for Hope & Safety (formerly Shelter Our Sisters) is founded on the vision and belief that every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free from violence and the fear of violence. Central to this belief, Center for Hope & Safety seeks to eliminate domestic violence. Additionally, the agency aims to reduce related social problems, such as child abuse, sexual assault, substance abuse, sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression.

Mission Statement

Center for Hope & Safety’s mission is to assist victims and survivors of domestic violence, including emotional, economic, sexual, and physical abuse. The agency provides emergency and transitional housing, emotional support, and a diversified continuum of services focused on safety, empowerment, and self-sufficiency. Through community partnerships, Center for Hope & Safety raises awareness, provides services, and educates community members about domestic violence.

Diversity Value Statement

Center for Hope & Safety is committed to eliminating racism and all other forms of oppression. We understand that this is a limitless process, which requires ongoing openness, diligence, and work. We believe that any form of oppression enables domestic violence, and therefore efforts to end domestic violence must include an anti-oppression agenda.

The People Behind Center for Hope & Safety

Executive Director
Julye Myner, PhD

Director of Programs

Director of Development
Elizabeth Campbell

Director of Project CHILD
Susan Bertolotti, MA

Board of Trustees
President, Shelby Klein, LSW
Vice President,
Peter Miragliotta, Jr., MBA
Cathy J. Pollak, Esq.
Gail P. Steinel

Board Members
Shawn R. Carroll
Maria Sileno DeLoughry, Esq.
Diana M. Dloughy
Carleen Gaskin
Donna Gould
Nancy Karole Kennedy
William P. McInerney, Esq.
Ann Meyers Piccirillo
Yiris Montenegro
Kimberly E. J. Moussavian
Aparna Mulchandani
Judy Taub Gold