How We Help

Center for Hope and Safety (formerly Shelter Our Sisters) has helped thousands of families and individuals across Bergen County break their cycle of violence, and we can help you too.

Leaving is Scary

Sometimes staying seems easier than leaving. There is so much uncertainty about leaving. You may still believe your partner will change. You may feel it is better to stay than to go. You may feel that you have no safe place to go. The shelter can provide a temporary place to stay, food, and clothing for you and your children. Your safety is our primary concern. We welcome you into our home, with bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and playroom. It is where the healing begins.

If you are thinking about leaving, please read our safety planning page by clicking here.

You are not to blame.

Change is possible

Your abuser may be a partner, spouse, or grown child. Right now you may feel alone and scared. It can be dangerous to stay and live in an abusive situation; it can also be dangerous to leave. We understand that you need a place to stay where you can feel safe and where you children will be safe. We can provide a safe haven for you to heal and reclaim your confidence and independence.

Your biggest supporters

We will help you gain the strength to go through the stages of recovery and to get on your feet. We can assist with housing issues, job searches, some job training, and interview skills. We will be with you and assist you in getting a restraining order and navigating the legal system, should that be necessary.

No matter what language you speak, call us.
We have bi-lingual staff, or we will find someone to translate.

Children are affected

Children are greatly affected in an abusive home, whether they are being abused or witnessing you being abused. Our staff focuses on helping children to adjust, build self esteem, social skills, and undo the damage that is caused by being exposed to violence.


Our Door is always open.