Our Programs


Center for Hope & Safety (formerly Shelter Our Sisters) is the only private, non-profit agency dedicated to sheltering Bergen County families and individuals who are affected by domestic violence. Center for Hope & Safety provides a comprehensive umbrella of support services to help adults and children attain safety, build a strong foundation for healing, gain self-reliance, and stop the cycle of violence.

24-Hour Hotline: (201) 944-9600

The emergency hotline is in operation 24-hours each day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Callers receive crisis intervention, counseling and referrals.

Emergency Shelter Program

We offer safe and confidential housing 24/7, as well as basic needs for adults and children as they escape violence. A variety of services are provided: therapeutic counseling, case management services, court and legal assistance, advocacy, community resource referrals, job and housing searches, and Hispanic outreach.

Children’s Services

The children’s program is designed to stabilize a child’s environment and to counteract the effects of abuse by addressing the anxiety, depression, anger, aggression, self-esteem problems, and impaired social skill development that result from exposure to violence in the home. It includes preschool activities for toddlers, after school programming for adolescents, tutoring, case management services to assist with schooling and referrals to community services, and social-recreational activities.  We offer an art therapy program to help children who come to the Safe House experiencing chaotic circumstances as they adjust to a new environment. Therapy sessions provide children the opportunity to express themselves in a non-judgmental, private setting, where the emphasis is placed on therapeutic experiences that are fun, teach appropriate behaviors, and build self-esteem.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency

Helping people achieve financial success is an important step toward bolstering their new independence. PSS is a job readiness-training program that assists in gaining education. A Career Trainer helps in areas such as: resume writing and interview techniques; basic academics and earning a high school or college diploma; and computer skills and personal financial management. The primary focus is education and support toward financial empowerment and economic independence.

Transitional Housing

Center for Hope & Safety offers low-cost housing to clients (and their children) who are ready to move forward from the shelter but could benefit from continued time and support to build their independent living skills. Five transitional residences located throughout Bergen County offer the opportunity to function more independently as they pursue personal goals often focused on vocational, financial, legal, and housing needs. The Transitional Housing Director and the Life Skills Trainer provide supports services in the areas of crisis intervention, legal advocacy, independent living skills, and community referral.

Follow-Up Program

Staff continue to offer counseling, case management, legal advocacy, and community referrals to former residents. The program provides a trusting link to help families reintegrate into the community and maintain their independence.

Project CHILD

A community-based program that strives to build Confidence, Hope, Independence, Love, and Direction for child victims and/or witnesses of domestic violence. It is the only full service program in Bergen County providing intensive therapeutic treatment utilizing creative arts therapy, case management, transportation to and from the location; parent support groups; and financial assistance for child care and summer camps.

Outreach, Multicultural Services & AED

Bilingual counselors are available to provide advocacy and community referrals.  The Assistance to the Elderly and Disabled (AED) program offers services for older adults  (60+) and disabled victims who are unable to live in the Safe House. The program give elderly victims the comfort of services catered to their personal needs.

Emergency Legal Services for Victims of Domestic Violence

The legal program provides assistance to victims and survivors of domestic violence in family law matters. We offer services ranging from advice and counsel to representation in court for hearings. We provide legal assistance in Restraining Order Hearings and issues related to domestic violence including custody, safe visitation, support, and other family law matters related to domestic violence.