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When you think you will never be safe, you feel you just can’t go on, or you have lost all hope, we are here. You will find the help you need, just like our clients did. Here are their stories.

Henry’s Story

Melanie’s Story

Clara’s Story

Clara, a young mother in her early 20s, was quarantined with her abusive husband during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It started with verbal abuse, and then the occasional “tap” because she “deserved it” for angering him… READ MORE


They helped me uncover my inner strength and gave me the confidence to know that I could make it happen.


I cannot thank you enough for your advocacy, guidance, and empathy. Not only are you an exceptional attorney, but you listened to me. You heard me. You believed me.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

During my stay at Center for Hope & Safety it felt good knowing that the situation that I was in when I arrived there, the staff strived to make sure I was safe and my individual needs were met to assure me that nothing further happened to me or my children.


The support group is like family to me; all these women understand and accept me for who I am, and the facilitators are always there for me.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

The only word that I had in my head was survival. Strength, I found just got me in deeper trouble, so I obliterated it from my day to day living, from my vocabulary. It was survival that made me leave in order to give my children some peace of mind. No where to go the thought of having to stay in a shelter was frightening. Then I found the Center for Hope & Safety. They kept saying that I had the strength to overcome this adversity in my life, but I kept thinking I don’t know how to be that anymore. 

Center for Hope & Safety gave me the tools to regain strength by making it clear that I will continue being a victim if I remain in fear and doubt of myself. They slowly eased me back into the confidence that I CAN control my life and what happens within it. They taught me “I will not allow my abuser to continue to hurt me even from far away, but to weaken his hold on me by moving forward and knowing that I could rebuild my strength and my life.” For my daughters they were able to see at a young age that you are not alone in this fact of life, and that you do not have to allow it to diminish who you are, and never be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. Even now 5 years later this doubt creeps up on me and I can still find help, advice, care, and love from Center for Hope & Safety.


Career Counseling has been a godsend! I had no idea how to revamp my resume, but the Career Counselor was able to get it up to date and I’ve been called for interviews.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

If I could tell other victims one thing, it would be that there is a better life waiting out there for you. My abuser constantly put me down, called me stupid, and blamed me for the abuse. To him everything that ever happened was my fault, and nothing was ever good enough. When I finally got up the courage to leave, I was scared but I knew that if I stayed any longer things would get worse, not better.

I went to Center for Hope & Safety and things did change. I no longer had anyone controlling my every move. I went back to college and I rebuilt my life and my daughter’s life. I want to reach woman like you, so that you know there is a better life for you. A life without the heartache and pain you feel now. You are not trapped, you are not alone. Whatever your situation, Center for Hope & Safety can help you. You can have a life without violence and one with love, friendship and freedom just like me.


Getting support with housing has helped with the stress. The housing market is hard but having support from Center for Hope & Safety has really helped.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

The financial literacy workshop was very informative. Learning how to build my credit and my children’s credit by having them as co-users on my credit card was something I did not know, but glad I can help begin to shape my children’s future and better mine.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

The staff attorney took the time to fully understand my case and all the details surrounding it. She taught me so much about domestic violence and what qualifies for it legally … The restraining order was granted in my favor, and I’m sure that this outcome was due to my lawyer and Center for Hope & Safety.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client

You helped me with finding a job, pulling me out of a dangerous and toxic environment, assisting with so many things, and now I am almost there to finally having my own place. You don’t even know the impact you and your team have on people’s lives.

Domestic Violence Survivor, Center for Hope & Safety Client