Our Impact

You Make a Difference 

Everyone deserves a life that is safe, empowered, and free from violence.

At Center for Hope & Safety, we help adults and children who have been impacted by domestic violence build a safer, healthier life by offering support, resources, and professional services. This includes emergency and transitional housing, counseling, legal advocacy, job readiness and financial literacy training, art therapy, and so much more.

Thanks to your help, we’re building a world where no one has to choose between staying in a harmful situation and potential homelessness or loss of hope. Center for Hope & Safety’s services are here for every domestic violence victim and survivor who needs them.

Thanks to your support, in 2020:

  • 160 adults and children found shelter in our Safe House and 53 adults and children lived in our Transitional Housing preparing for a safe return to the community
  • Over 401 non-offending parents received counseling, advocacy, and safety planning from our Division of Child Protection & Permanency program
  • 97 sheltered children and more than 500 community children received referrals/assistance, holiday gifts, and/or attend agency events
  • 492 families were serviced by our Community Services team, including counseling, support groups, risk assessments, safety planning, direct assistance (i.e. food, toiletries, PPE, diapers, clothing)
  • Over 100 adults received career counseling, job development, and housing counseling services
  • 52 children and 34 families received music and art therapy from Project CHILD
  • 337 clients received advice and counsel, 476 legal matters were addressed, and 162 clients received legal representation from our legal services including temporary retraining orders, final restraining orders, custody, child support, and divorce
  • 143 volunteers donated about 2,443 hours in various community-based programs and activities throughout Bergen County
  • 6,151 hotline calls were answered

Center for Hope & Safety has helped thousands of survivors of domestic violence, but we measure our impact by more than the numbers.

To learn more about how your support has made a difference to survivors of domestic violence, visit our Time of Hope page where we share client stories of hope, healing, and empowerment!


We could not have done all of this without our supporters!