Lydia's Story

Stories of Hope: Lydia’s Story

Lydia was suffering not only from her husband’s physical violence, but she had the scars of many years of emotional abuse when she reached out to Center for Hope & Safety for help. Like so many victims of domestic violence, she was financially dependent on her abuser and she did not believe that she could make it on her own.
Despite having a bachelor’s degree in finance, Lydia was unemployed and lacked the confidence to leave her abusive situation.
After finally getting the help she needed and eventually moving to Center for Hope & Safety’s transitional housing, the transitional team worked closely with her to help her finalize permanent housing on her own and start acting school as she had planned. Lydia also continued to receive food, toiletries, COVID-19 essentials, and transportation assistance. Furthermore, to help with the emotional toll of domestic violence and make sure Lydia reached her goals, she participated in ongoing weekly therapy and case management that involved one-to-one counseling, housing support, and community resource referrals based on her specific needs and wants. 
Lydia’s success and heightened self-awareness is attributed to the ongoing therapy and case management, which allowed her to achieve her goals of independence. She was also able to continue on her path to self-sufficiency during COVID-19, a time of great uncertainty. At the time of her graduation from the Transitional Housing program, she reflected and shared with the Transitional Housing team: “I want thank you so very much for any and everything you have done while I was in transitional. This was a long journey, and I am very grateful for all of your support. Thank you so very much.”

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