Carolina's Story

Stories of Hope: Carolina’s Story

Carolina and her four year old son Carlos first came to our Safe House, scared and alone. At only 24 years old, Carolina had endured physical and emotional abuse from her son’s father for years. She finally realized she needed to leave him as she saw her son growing and observing the abuse. Carolina did not want to raise him in that environment and knew that she deserved better as well. 
After a couple of months in our Safe House, getting her bearings and beginning to heal physically and emotionally, Carolina and Carlos moved to one of our transitional homes. She also received a great amount of assistance from our Career Counselor and Case Worker. We were able to help her secure funds and scholarships to go back to college.
Carolina went on to earn a bachelor’s degree, and then a Master’s degree in social work, fulfilling a life-long dream. 
Carolina showed enormous courage in leaving her abuser and a great deal of tenacity in setting goals and attaining them in her pursuit of living free of domestic violence. Today she is self- sufficient, and she, along with her son, have broken the cycle of violence for future generations. With the help of Center for Hope & Safety, Carolina became a social worker at a local high school, and she and her son now live in their own apartment.

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