Stacy's Story

Stories of Hope: Stacy’s Story

After years of failed relationships, Stacy believed she had finally found the one. Everything was going well for Stacy and Steve at the beginning of their relationship, and Stacy believed she had never met a man who was as caring. Soon, Stacy became pregnant. She was excited to start a family with Steve. However, not long after she found out she was pregnant, Steve began to change.
The man who was once caring and thoughtful began to control Stacy, telling her what she was and wasn’t allowed to do. He controlled how much money she was allowed to spend and who she was allowed to see. When Stacy did not comply with his rules, he began to physically abuse her. When Stacy was six months pregnant, Steve punched Stacy in the eye so hard she had to go to the hospital. Stacy called the police and Steve was arrested. After the arrest, Steve promised he would change. He told Stacy he would never touch her again, and he would work to become a good father for their unborn child. Steve did not change.
The cycle of abuse continued for a few years. Stacy stayed with Steve, hoping for the sake of her child they would be able to make things work. Steve would abuse Stacy, who would then call the police only to later ask for the police to dismiss the charges when Steve promised to change. She had also filed for temporary restraining orders only to later dismiss them. Finally, after one incident of abuse where Steve broke into Stacy’s house while she was sleeping and assaulted her, Stacy decided she needed help to be able to rid herself of Steve’s perpetual abuse. Stacy reached out to Center for Hope & Safety where she found a support system that enabled her to break free from Steve’s control.
With the help of our legal services department, Stacy filed for a temporary restraining order against Steve. Stacy’s legal case took longer than she expected due to Steve’s continual inability to appear in court. Stacy was tired and ready to give up, but our attorney comforted her and assured her that he was there for her and that her case would be over soon. At the third Court appearance before the Court adjourned the case again, our attorney stepped in and demanded the Court order Steve pay child support. The Court granted this request.
Finally, with the urging of our attorney the Court heard Stacy’s testimony. With the evidence Center for Hope & Safety’s legal team provided, the Judge believed Stacy and granted Stacy her final restraining order. Additionally, the Judge ordered Steve to pay child support to Stacy permanently. Stacy called our attorney and cried with joy. She was finally free from Steve’s abuse and could start a new life with her kids.

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