Natalie's Story

Stories of Hope: Natalie’s Story

One spring day, a new family arrived at Center for Hope & Safety’s Safe House – a mother and her seven-year old daughter, Natalie. Little Natalie was traumatized by what she witnessed and experienced at home. Although now safe with us, she kept clinging to her mother for comfort as she had difficulty trusting her new surroundings.
After a few days, Natalie began feeling more comfortable and started engaging in art therapy. The Art Therapist encouraged Natalie to experiment with various art materials while also working to develop the trust she needed to share the difficult emotions brought on by domestic violence. Her mother was also involved in the therapeutic process to strengthen the parent-child bond that is often damaged when domestic violence occurs in the family.
Natalie further thrived by participating in the Safe House Children’s Program activities – daily homework help and weekly children’s psychoeducational groups, which allow children to share experiences and support each other while developing self-awareness and coping skills.
Natalie and her mother eventually moved from our Safe House to one of our transitional homes, where they continued receiving support to build a life free from violence. Natalie’s mother participated in our career training workshops helping her achieve financial independence. Natalie and her mother now live in their own home.
Natalie continues to flourish – she is doing well in school, she feels proud and empowered by her accomplishments, and she really enjoys participating in groups with other children. Her mother continues encouraging her to participate in our healing arts programs.

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