Center for Hope & Safety’ Transitional Housing provides women with longer-term housing, giving them the necessary time to get on back on their own feet. Joy fled a life of constant abuse and was able to find help from Center for Hope & Safety and Transitional Housing. 

Joy was undocumented, and undocumented women are especially vulnerable. Abusers often force these women to endure physical and mental abuse by threatening to report them.  Joy was welcomed by our staff and lived in the shelter for several months.  

Escaping the violence was just the beginning of the problems Joy had to overcome.  As an undocumented individual, she was ineligible for government programs and subsidies. Center for Hope & Safety Transitional Housing was truly the only housing option for Joy and her children.   With the help of an immigration attorney they have on retainer, Center for Hope & Safety assisted Joy in putting together an application for a green card, and Center for Hope & Safety counselors accompanied Joy when she went to court to file for and receive child support. 

With three children (one of whom is severely handicapped), Joy also faced great difficulty in finding childcare. Her job search was limited to part-time jobs that coincided with her children’s school schedule.  Center for Hope & Safety assisted her in finally accessing appropriate programs as well as securing residential placement to accommodate her daughter’s special needs. 

After more than two long years, Joy has received her green card and is eligible for Section 8 housing. This means she can finally build a life on her own and will never be forced to go back to her abuser.  Center for Hope & Safety’ Transitional Housing gave Joy the support and time she needed to sort out the problems she faced.  Her story does not end there, however. Not only is she now able to live on her own but she is also going to college.