Laura had a newborn son in her arms. She fled for safety from an abusive relationship with the baby’s father.  She did not know what it was like to live without violence and had no place but the shelter to turn. Lara found being a single parent too difficult to handle, and after just a few short weeks, returned to the child’s father. Three years later, Laura arrived at the shelter for a second time.  She was hurt and angry.  She had no money, no education, and no job skills.

Center for Hope & Safety staff worked intensively with Lara, helping her to learn the life skills she never had a chance to learn.  Laura stayed in the main shelter where we provided a room, food, clothing,  for her and her son and most importantly we listened  and offered counseling and guidance that she needed to live a life free of violence. 

We helped her learn parenting skills, so that her child would grow up in a safe and healthy environment. It was a long, hard road to self-sufficiency for Laura but we were there for her each step of the way. Four years later, we are happy to say,  Laura has a good job, her own apartment and her own car.  Her son is a well-adjusted second grader. In Laura’s own words:

“I give you my gratitude because you gave me the dream of my life as a woman: to enjoy being a mother to my baby.  Thank you for making me feel alive once again and for helping me feel good about life without a partner.  I am me again… and I am convinced that without you perhaps I would not exist to talk about it.” – Laura